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Orange Whiteout

I was gonna write a lengthy critique of RNC 2016 and Trump’s speech. I so wanted to use the above title and slip the word McCarthyism somewhere in there. However, now that I’m cooled down (and especially after watching Jon Stewart’s 10 minutes of brilliance on Stephen Colbert’s show) I only want to say this:
I love the idea of Hillary being president only from the angle of her being the first female president. Nothing much else. That being said...
The prospect of Trump becoming a president scares me. Not because he’s a narcissistic buffoon / wannabe dictator. I have no clue, fuck, neither of you has a clue what he would be like if elected. That’s not the point. Besides, I’m not saying that President cannot do a lot of damage but executive branch is very limited otherwise we’d already bask in a blissful socialism utopia after 8 years of Obama.
What scares me the most is that if he gets elected it means that there’s a majority out there who elected this guy based on his campaign, his rhetoric, his message, the sentiment he chose to exploit. 4 years ago there was Tea Party movement. All kinds of candidates rode its waves but eventually they would be deemed way too stupid / hateful / disrespectful to women / not serious candidates. Oops, Rick Perry! So the GOP got Romney. Who had to crank up the crazy during primaries because of said Tea Party. Let me borrow from one of my previous posts:
1. Romney got 59% votes of the whites. He still lost.
2. 78% of so called white evangelical / born again Christians voted Romney. He still lost.
3. People earning $50k or more a year voted Romney but just by 52%-54%. The poor... oops, those below $30k went 63% for Obama.
4. Married men went Romney. So did married women but not that much.
5. Non married women, tho! 67% for Obama.

And this is what scares me. Supposedly, after 2008 elections, The Republican Party decided to be more inclusive, pushing Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio etc... to the front. They even named an African American guy as a chairman. However, the birth of Tea Party made them ditch the silly idea. And they lost. So, you’d think that based on the above, this time it was obvious to them that they would clearly have to be more inclusive.
They went with Trump. Tea Party is baby shower comparing to Trump supporters. And if they win this time... that scares the shit outta me. Not him. Them. That number above, 59% whites is what scares me. What’s it gonna be this time.

The Dewd\'s
23/07/2016 19:20