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You know what, I can buy that some people, a lot of people really believe in stuff, with strong conviction that they're in the right. I believe in a lot of things too. I don't think I'm always right, but most of the time I am (even now. Ha!) But I'm a single person and my beliefs are individual and to the insignificant influence on the society I live in. Gather a bunch of us with a single belief and proportionally multiplied convictions... well, you got yourself a force. Throw in a book, some ur-old traditions and a top down system and you got yourself a kingdom of heaven on earth.

Now of course, if you live amidst, say, Orthodox Jewish community, you will be affected by their beliefs and convictions. Even if you walk around almost naked eating bacon. You cannot buy anything you want in local groceries, for example. It's not, however forbidden to walk a few extra blocks and got what you need. It's not forbidden even if the local community undoubtedly wishes it to be.

It's not forbidden because this is still a secular state with secular Constitution and secular laws. You are not forced to close down business on Saturday. Or Sunday. Or any day, based on a religion, even Christmas. See, I believe that the reason for this is to protect the others who do not share particular beliefs.

Sometimes, however, a big angry mob of believers with convictions, who believe that they have a sacred duty, in the name of their god, to protect life from the moment of conception to the... well, in some cases death sentence, gets similar people elected and those people out of the same beliefs with convictions start pushing for some laws which would affect all people, not just the believers, that... well, that is scary.

I believe that you believe. I believe that you're convinced. I believe that you think you have a sacred duty to protect life, heterosexual marriage, sanctity of this or that... I cannot really say that I respect that. I can say that I respect your right to believe in whatever you wish to believe. That being said...

What the fuck do I want to say?

You know that Nazi Germans really believed they were better than the others? Nope! I'm not saying that you're blood thirsty psycho murderers. I just want to remind you that the Nazi doctrine primarily requires to put their own people under absolute control. Out of the beliefs. Now that you have a system working that way, it is a matter of time for a bloodthirsty psycho murderers to climb the ladder of power and do what they want.

But your beliefs are pure, righteous and from god! Of course they are. So are beliefs of Taliban. I mean for now you may just say that the primary function of women in the society is to be mothers. Who's to say that if you have it your way with this law, and then that law, you too will forbid them to get education?

Oh,. but you're civilized. Besides a lot of women share your beliefs. Indeed. Nazi, on the other hand, or Taliban, or... ah fuck this.

To the Texas Senators who passed the abortion restriction bill: Fuck you! You may ride local waves of Tea Parties to your posts but you will never rise above your localities because guess what? There are still more sane and reasonable people in this great country. People who believe, with strong convictions, but who know that that's their business and anybody else can believe what ever they wish because this is a free country.

As to the body of the bill: Roe v. Wade guarantees 24 weeks so your pitiful would-be-law will be struck down in the Supreme Court eventually. What a waste of time, money, vocal cords, nerves and whatnot.

But in the meantime, the damage done with the other parts of the bill ("restricts abortions to surgical centers and limits where and when abortion pills can be taken") will be on your heads.

Oh, and... fuck you, Rick Perry!

The Dewd\'s
13/07/2013 18:50