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Mayday! May Day!

Well, of course I know that it's NOT just a jump to the left and the step to the right. I also know that there had been a shitload of dizzy whirling and tugging that you really need a good compass now to figure out the sides.

I know 2 things: 1) there's no better motivator for development in human history than the profit and 2) when devoid of humanity itself a for-profit corp becomes literally a war criminal. Oh, nowadays there's a third side too way too far beyond the left. Because of it you can afford a pair of socks a day. The one that becomes visible only when it ends up under a rubble in a swampland in Bangladesh. I need to stop talking.

Happy May Day everyone!

PS: 5 full years since I moved to Manhattan.

The Dewd\'s
01/05/2013 12:30