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Procrastinating on Monday Morning

Out of habit and not really ashamed of it, I'm still checking out sarajevo-x or or something. Usually, I glance at the headlines and have enough of it. Sometimes I click on one or two. Rarely, though, I read thru it.
This a time I have managed to read an article up to this paragraph:

"Predstavnici udruženja za zaštitu životinja "Život", "Av-mau", "Spas", "Avlijaneri", "Save the animals now", "Help animals" i "Life is life" iznijeli su svoje sumnje po pitanju sudbine pasa smještenih u azilu Hreša."
So to list them:
"Save the animals now",
"Help animals" i
"Life is life"
Wow! Just wow! Or to pun it up: Woof.
And I'm not being sarcastic.

The Dewd\'s
28/01/2013 18:23