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So, gun control, eh?

Let's put some chapters on this:

1) International Homicide Rate

People kill each other. If you believe in scriptures, you'd say it's so ever since Cain murdered Abel. Or you'd chalk it up to evolution (i.e. Sapiens supposedly eradicating neanderthals). Let's not talk about reasons. Let's talk numbers! There's an interesting statistic here: ( If your focus is on murders by
fire arms, you might get different rates, and you might make some points in some agenda. In this document, tho, US has a murder rate of 4.8 per 100,000 population. Definitely way off when compared with Germany (0.8), Canada (1.6) or even Argentina (3.4). Compare it to Russia, Ukraine or Baltic countries... well. This is really neither here nor there, which is my point exactly. US perhaps has larger murders per capita rate compared to Western Europe but it's not really way off. I'm not gonna do a full blowout research on this, forgetaboutit, I just wanna say that guns being legal in US don't really make it a third world country rated. 


Years ago I read an article in BH Dani by Mile Stojic in which the honorable poet and linguist explains the word Amok. I had an objection (penned on this blog too) to his reasoning in which he connected the pressures and pitfalls of the Western civilization to this, let's say, occurrence after explaining that the word itself comes from... I wanna say Sumatra? and that it's quite ancient. I was like: so if they had a word for it over there, back then, I mean, western what? People kill each other ever since.

3) Culture

It would be interesting, tho, to go into the details of the above mentioned murder rates, the juristical backgrounds, different regions, city v. suburbia v. rural country rates etc. There is a very strict gun law in NYC (and a lot of gun related murders, last summer (and fall) there were multiple gunshots every night). I have a feeling that it isn't so in some rural parts of the land where to have a gun is easier than driving a car. Of course, you'll say, even if we ignore the density, the diversity and the pressure and whatnot of the metropolis and say that we can compare these rates without asterisks, our city laws wouldn't have much impact on the statistic because it's not that big of a problem to cross the state line and get some serious weapons. Well, I'd say the national law might have some impact on the rate at first, but as it was with the prohibition and as it is with the drugs, we'll soon have smugglers profiting, home made weapons, Zip car style guns etc... People kill each other.

4) Driver's license

Personally, I'm for the tougher laws. We have enough potentially dangerous people driving cars. Still they have licenses, they have to renew them, pass tests, they have records, their cars have insurances, registrations... Even tho people are gonna kill each other still, there will be less stray bullets killing innocent children on playgrounds.
5) Constitution

If you want to overthrow a corrupt and tyrannical government, you don't necessarily need assault weapons. In this case, the level of sophistication of the army is such that raising arms against it is most likely to end in drone killings. Self defense can be ensured with a handgun and hunting can be done without rapid fire 30 round clip assault weapon. I see no infringement. I mean, imagine the time when the wretched 2nd amendment was penned there were gun powdered muzzle loaded muskets and some swords, pitchforks and scythes. Feel free to have those.

6) Summarum

People kill each other.

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17/01/2013 15:30