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Lo lo lo lo: UPDATE

What an eventful end of Shark Week we have: 
So, Melky Cabrera admitted having himself doped and thus spiking his averages way out of the ballpark. Gasp! How's that possible? A baseball pro doped? Zounds!
3 Fifty Shades of whatever books outsold 7 Harry Potters on Amazon UK. I don't know what to say about this. And where's the Twilight saga in it.
There is a "Yogurt Summit" being held in upstate NY. Apparently, New York's yogurt industry is having a momentum while at the same time a lot of state's dairy farms are going under. So Chobani is made from "out of state" milk and the guv minds. let me just say that every time I see John Stamos in an Oikos commercial I wanna throw a bottle of Kefir at the TV.
There's a protein bar made from cricket flour. Yup. Cricket flour. I wonder if they catch crickets in the wild or are they farming them. A cricket farm? Oh, and did FDA set the rules of the allowed percentage of the cockroaches it there? Speaking of which, is there a fundamental nutritious difference between a cricket and a cockroach? Could this mean there's another New York industry ready to boom? Yum?
And guess who they put on the cover page of my favorite New York Magazine? Kim fuckin' Kard... Fuck, no, I don't care if it's a shark week. It can be a megalodon week. No fuckin' way!
UPDATE: Well, Chobani did open a huge factory but in Idaho. The plant is 4 times the size of the one in Berlin, NY. Not enough milk, you guys.
PS: Yankees are now down 3. CC is pitching tomorrow but it won't matter if those guys cannot hit


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17/10/2012 12:40