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November 6th. I kinda dread it. I have an uneasy feeling that if Romney wins, we're fucked. That's, however, where I'm mistaking. We're fucked anyway.
Looking back, I can see I was very tolerant towards those with a different opinion than mine. I was not tolerant towards fascists and other similarities but I could understand some very different opinions.
Gods, I hate Tea Party Talibans!
I don't hate them because they believe in loads of crap they believe in. I hate them for failing to see that the very beast they claim to fight against is feeding them and their candidates millions of dollars. Koch brothers, corporations, lobbyists... and using them to their ends.
It's easy to be stupid and naive, easy to be blind, easy to say no.
There's no sunshine in.

The Dewd\'s
29/08/2012 12:18