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When I finally get up, I'm exhausted because I have to will myself into it. Summer is definitely not my time. During the weekend I have managed to watch at least 7 movies, not that I remember any. Well, No country for old men rerun doesn't count.
I got hooked on yet another TV show. The Newsroom, I believe it's called. The fresh batch of Justified is arriving in few days and then The Walking Dead. I can stream Burn Notice... maybe later. And of course there is True Blood. True Fuckin' Blood. So stupid.
Let me take a moment to sing praises to the achievements of the civilization: Blessed be my AC! Blessed be the concept of food delivery! Blessed be both cable and wireless. And above all, blessed be the holy circle of consumerism which allows the companies that produce goods and services some budget money to advertize and thus allow the networks and studios to produce some entertainment during which they're advertizing said goods and services to us.
So, this is how incoherent thoughts look like on the screen.

The Dewd\'s
06/08/2012 16:12