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That Old Feeling

It's like that thing, whatchamacallit, the invisible electric fence, you know, for the dogs so they won't run out of the front yard. It hits you, it zaps you out of the blue because you keep forgetting you're collared, not free. But you have a scary, terrible, gut wrenching urge to run. Zzzzzzzap! Like Bieber hitting the glass door. Painful stop. Reminder of that old feeling. I'm not enjoying it very much. Duh!
I have that old feeling. A creepy one, that creeps up on you and you have no idea when it's gonna sting you. But I know it only appears a creeper. Because it's in me all the time. So I shouldn't be surprised. I cannot avoid seeing you.
Yup, I don't even have to really see you.

The Dewd\'s
04/06/2012 17:55