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April 9, 2012 Issue

Cover Story

The Scandalized City

A City of Ids: Colin Harrison on why the city has always been fertile ground for the sordid, baroque, and gruesome.
310 Years of Disgust and Delight: A romp through New York’s notorious: A governor goes to his wife’s funeral in drag! Grave-robber med students incite a riot! An art gallery unmasked as an S&M dungeon! With: Frank Rich on Broadway sexpot Mae West; Nora Ephron on boyfriend-killer Jean Harris; Jerry Saltz on the city’s most reviled painting.
Plus: Jim Holt and Laura Kipnis spar over the morality of titillation; Liz Smith and Steven Gaines debate the limits of public forgiveness; Wayne Barrett and Tom Robbins remember the greatest hits of municipal malfeasance.
On the Cover: From top, Eliot Spitzer (Mary Altaffer/AP), Whitman Knapp (Lee Romero/New York Times/Redux), and Mary Astor (Photofest).

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03/04/2012 15:21