Dear Diary...

In about a month, it will be 4 years since I'm here. I'm penning this entry today because it's safe to say that I won't remember it on that particular day. Also, I have no energy to do the actual work. This way it looks like I'm busy.
So, what's to say about these last 4 years? Well, gradually I changed, of course. I got healed too. Not entirely, of course, but significantly. I also stopped caring about shi... stuff too much. What I realized, though, is that even after 4 years, I still like it here and in no way, shape or form has a thought occurred to me of leaving.
I don't remember me being longer in one place since I left the proverbial nest back in 1994. That's something. I also accepted the beautiful insignificance of my existence, but that's another story.
Dear Diary, yesterday I had really great falafel for lunch. Mental note: Chambers and Broadway. Long line during the lunch hour.
The Dewd abides. 


Postcards: First Snow this Winter - It's gonna be +11C on Monday




Birds flying high... you know what... you know what? You know shit!


Google works in misterious ways:

Emir Zlatar
sonet 66 shakespeare
igre kozavice
kninske drolje
luka vincetić
odrasih porn
upotreba č i ć
what is it that upsets volcanoes? by neruda
zlatar emir
قظيحت سري
"saša blagus"
"the more you hate me the more you will learn" -amphibian -hartman -"am hard"
banini paketici
belma becirbasic
čavoglave bešlija
deda mraze sjeti se i nas mali moji slatki moji mislim ja na vas
edo murtić manhattan
emmir zlatar
give me crack and anal leonard cohen
h t t p : / / n i k a . b l o g g e r . b a /
hamburg hansestadt slike
igre kozavica
kramer vs kramer
misli su slobodne
odgovor na poslanicko pitanje generalni sekretarijat
odjeca iz proslog vremena
operacija gunnerside
otimanje djece
pavo majić
sanitarna inspekcija
sex na ex
shakespearov sonet 66
skice stepenica
zašto datumska granica prolazi morem
And all of the above ones lead to The Dewd. The Dewd abides.


Few Words

Do not seek the treasure.
With great power comes great responsibility.
Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.
When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall.
Don't eat the yellow snow.
Always look at the bright side of life.
Don't look back.
It's just the jump to the left and the step to the right.
Turn the right corner in Sin City, and you can find anything.
Walk down the right back alley in Sin City, and you can find anything.
Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition.
Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.
The whole fucking thing's about property.
It's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart.
If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.
The Dark Flame will not avail you, Flame of Udun.
You're no crazier than the average asshole out walkin' around on the streets and that's it.
Oxygen gets you high.
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
As soon as you lay your hands on a conversation to steer it, it's not a conversation anymore; it's a pitch.
The more you hate me the more you will learn.
An essential characteristic of the superhero mythology is, there's the superhero, and there's the alter ego.
There's a dark side to each and every human soul.


So long and thanks for all the fish.

The Dewd Abides



hear ye
do not despair
it is
an oblivion
what you're
looking at
so what
gods used to be
envious of men
let us
once more
get back
to that




Danas nasa firma ima Christmas Party u jednom pubu u Astoriji, Queens. Atmosfera u kancelarijama je blagdanski uspavana. Ima se posla ali se odradjuje sto bi ovdje rekli "half-assed". Ja sam, na primjer pregledao portale koje citam, novine na Facebooku i u jednom trenutku se sjetio Bloggera pa onda Stat Countera; dugo nisam.
Vidim, netko je googlao Brand Mango i jedan od predlozenih rezultata je i OVAJ POST (LINK) od prije 6 godina. Zanimljiva razmisljanja u komentarima, pogotovo iz sadasnje perspektive, nakon vise od 3 ipo godine u New Yorku.
Ah well...



A homeless man, done with the rummaging inside a subway trash can, looked at me, circled around me couple of times, huge plastic bags full of loot in his hands, and finally exclaimed: "Brother, you look like Jesus! You look like Jesus Christ! Do you know that Jesus was white!? It says so in the scripture! You look like Jesus. He was white! You look like Jesus Christ!"
I just smiled and continued to read my magazine.



if only I could
with my arm
through my mouth
into my gut
deep inside of me
I'd yank you
out of there
like a baby
wouldn't think
all right



Achtung: Native

Pronadjoh, dakle, negdje u nekom prasnjavom kutku hard diska neku verziju Internet Explorera, samo da vidim kako izgledaju te reklame na bloggeru. Nista ja to, na Mozilli, zahvaljujuci Ad Block Plusu, ne vidim. Ni Bet and Win, ni Google Oglase, nista.


DIY, thank you very much!



I'm sentimental, if you know what I mean
I love the country but I can't stand the scene.
And I'm neither left or right
I'm just staying home tonight,
getting lost in that hopeless little screen.


At Capitalism's End... Not! - Part 2 - Why, Oh Why!

So, as usual, I'm asking myself why bother (to write this, not to participate, mind you). Got a cool life, comfortable job, love where I'm livin', a couple of friends...  I dare to say that I'm pretty much happy about all of it. It's like, I don't need to worry about wall or any other street (except at certain areas in The Bronx and Brooklyn). But, I kinda want to put something out there, for, let's say (achtung: cheesiness!) old times sake.
So, there you have: shady business powers, crippled government and sleepy people. Orwell wrote in '84 that the power was in the proles. If only they would move, do something.

Why do I think this is not the movement that would "end capitalism"? Well, the proles were kept at peace by cheap beer and lottery. Today we have a tittytainment (google it, also google 20/80 society - this is nothing new), and the hope, the dream. Like I once said, Mr. Orwell intended for 84 to be a warning, not the inspiration. But that's not all.
What I believe is that this capitalist system that we have today is actually behaving like a live being. It has (a huge) appetite, it hungers, it can get sick, get mood swings, but most of all, it has a self preservation instinct. And you don't mess with it. The Matrix, anyone?
Well, to my mind those are some strong reasons. But they wouldn't matter at all without the main ingredient.
Any possible social system, whether it's a church, a prison, an utopian society of happiness for all or the heaven itself, it's eventually going to be fucked up because of human nature. So what would be the alternative to what we have now?
So, to you who want to fight the good battle, fight on, hope! I'm probably wrong. Maybe now is the moment.
Oh, remember this: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2006/03/29/197656 


At Capitalism's End... Not! - Tweet

@OWS Memo: Conservative loudmouths from Fox and radio, as well as "rogue" politicians have successfully hijacked and steered the tea party movement from legitimate outrage for not having a clear explanation of what health reform really is (people were afraid they'll lose their medicare! - hello, an entitlement) and other fiscal issues, especially bailouts to the full steam ahead social conservative avalanche.

I'm not saying someone from the left should do the same to the Occupy Wall Street, I'm just saying there's no one actually capable of doin' it. Well, maybe Stewart and Colbert, but I bet ya (heeh heeh) they're too comfortable and smug to even bother.

Now, this is way more than 144 characters.


At Capitalism's End... Not! - Part 1 of ... (well, we'll see)

Achtung: not suitable for football patriots and / or those who  would get gravely offended if I say here and now: National team? I don't give a fuck! Leave now, before hypertension kicks in. 
That being said, let's take a look at those "occupyings" that are happening apparently all over the place. Well, let's take a look from where I'm standing.
Crudely simplified, here's what happened: overinflated estimations of the trading goodies and ridiculous profits that resulted, caused savings banks, government funds and other "honest" entities to want the piece of the cake. After a bunch of relatively small bursts, a few "too big to fail" monsters emerged and they pretty much do what they want.
Government, at the same time, became totally powerless from it's position. Divided, trivialized, not trusted, even ridiculed, with oh too much on it's hands and choking on a red tape. But most important, drowned by lobbyists / blackmailers from the above mentioned few.
People are KEPT powerless. kept by an illusion of a dream, of democracy and of values. Democracy is pointless if elected government can do shit. Values are literally sodomized by those who actually matter and a dream... Oh, the dream...



Sweet maiden of all that's good and pure! Are you there? C'mon, gimme some sugar!


Random Keywords That Lead You Here. All of them on Google.

belma becirbasic
"misli su slobodne"
kod nas glupaci i smušenjaci, rđe, prostaci i lašci slove prvaci
"what is it that upsets volcanoes"
"what is it that upsets volcanoes" meaning
Ahhh, the bat. Ambassador of darkness, flitting out of his cave like a winged messenger. Sightless s
BDP kidney rijeka
dewd blog
emir zlatar tvsa
luka vincetić
najveci rudnik zlata u nevadi
Yugoslavia Park Ave UN Apartment
skica stepenica
stipica dewd

The last one creeped the shit out of me.



So every now and then they put Jurassic park on... I wanna say TNT? SyFy? ... Anyway, so I kinda caught the glimpse of it the other night, flippin' thru the channels. Man, I totally forgot how I used to like Laura Dern. Really like. Here's to you!


Postcards: Reflexion



after 19 years of squabbling between the countries that made up the former republic...

Park Ave Duplex Owned By Former Yugoslavia Will Be Yours For $20 million (link)

via Googlemaps
Are you trying to bring a little respectability to your recently-formed nation state? Have you been dying to bang on your noisy apartment walls and say "SHUT UP MIKE WALLACE!"? A $20 million Park Avenue duplex that belonged to the former Yugoslavia is about to hit the xafs after 19 years of squabbling between the countries that made up the former republic, and boasts 2,325 square feet, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and counts 60 Minutes's Mike Wallace as a neighbor. Now you'll be able to express your displeasure with Andy Rooney by walking across the hall!

According to the Post, Yugoslavia purchased the apartment in 1975 for $100,000, and was occupied by the country's UN ambassador until 1992 when the country dissolved into what is today Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia. As long as the apartment's ownership status between those countries, the coop board has banned anyone from living in it, hence the "microwave oven the size of an air conditioner" in the kitchen, and lots and lots of grime.

Thanks to an agreement set in 2001, properties owned by Yugoslavia are to be sold off and the profits divvied amongst the five countries, with Serbia getting nearly 40 percent of the proceeds. A deal this coming week would put the property on the xafs, but Serbia is also looking to recoup the $12,000 a year it paid in charges every month to keep it. Maybe Putin and Medvedev will make it their NYC Bromansion/Iron Curtain Cottage they never had?

Contact the author of this article or email tips@gothamist.com with further questions, comments or tips.

Nine Eleven



“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Nine-eleven who?”

“You said you’d never forget!”


O, Deep Thought! What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? The answer is... 39!



Is it me you're looking for?

I don't like change. I really don't. Luckily, I get used to it soon enough. But still, I don't like change.


Postcards: Indulging Staycation




Life is when you live and you like it.


Postcards: The Scenic Route




I have a heart. Rather sizable one, metaphorically speaking. It would certainly break that Grinch's measuring device. It could, I don't know, like, serve as a portable 8-person row boat. Or if you'd fill it up with helium, a nice vehicle for a trip around the world in less than 80 days. Point being, there's a room in it for all kinds of stuff.
Yup. I'm fucked up. For the most of my life anyway.
Ah well...


September 5, 2011 Issue

Cover Story

The Encyclopedia of 9/11
As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 loomed, we found ourselves asking: With all we now know, how to begin to address the enormity of the event? Our solution was not to shrink from its scale but to embrace it. We decided to reach back to an old form that might allow us to account for a wide assortment of what was created in the wake of the destruction...

Postcards: Ethereal in Times Sq Subway Station



Life Experience.

So I have survived Irene. Again.






znas, neki dan idem ulicom, sjetim se tebe i proderem se doslovce, ljudi se okrecu:
"where the fuck are those free huggers when you need them!"


Weird: Random Search Keywords

"prizzi's honor" "i love you, charley"
emir zlatar
peter norman australac
two suns in the sunset
northern exposure queers i had previously kicked around
belma becirbasic
Zagooglajte. It's weird. But fun.



Dewd Retweets

John Huntsman, republican presidential candidate tweets:
"To be clear: I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy."
If he's hoping to win republican primaries, I just might! And, the way I see it from where I'm standing, he would have a decent chance against Obama. Romney aside, the rest are solid candidates for some reality show, "Crazy Bunch" or so...
It's fun.



Birds flyin' high...
you know what...
you know what?
you know shit! 



Everything was fine on this cool, bright morning. Plenty of time for the first cup of coffee, no rush. Subway ride was pleasant, no crowds, no delays, no unexpected events. Totally peaceful.
Had some time to stroll around Greenpoint, enjoying the Sun, watching the streets waking up. Bakeries were already alive with fresh batches of smells. Totally intoxicating.
The office was quiet, the air was fresh and steaming pot of coffee was ready. Truly an easy morning. Totally enjoyable.
Turning on the PC, saw no emails requiring immediate attention, no messages and for the whole hour, no phone calls. Totally relaxing.
And then, out of the blue, the unimaginable happened: 


Postcards: Let the River Run



And this 39 year old grownup says:

So the badass witch wasn't enough. You had to throw in a psycho ghost? Seriously?

On the other note, Jess killing off that redneck was one of the hottest moments of the show. Shame it was just a daydream.

Jessicah, a word of advice*: get rid of that emo act. You're hot, you're strong, and thirsty. Let it out.

And a word to the show runner; Alcide is pathetic. He's no alpha. Get him a disorder. Or rabies. He'd make a good serial.



*Same 39 year old grownup talking


Postcards: Brooklyn Bridge View


Via Blackberry
Via Blackberry


Corporate Ladder

I've been working for this company for almost 3 years. I started at the bottom of the food chain - laborer. I worked my way up to crew leader to driver to this position of purchasing manager. This happened exactly 2 yrs ago: 2 years ago.
And then I stopped. I got comfortable, and being not very ambitious by nature, I'm still there. Two days ago, one of the higher brass, while passing by the water cooler, mentioned something jokingly. I laughed. But later it got me thinking. Climbing the corporate ladder?
I'd rather take the magic beans. 



Postcards: Two Suns in the Sunset


Via Blackberry
Via Blackberry


Dear Diary: On Energy

Some say it has a mass, but they cannot prove it. Some say it's God but meh. Cucaracha ponders about great (and less great) balls of energy.
Let's say there's an energy level. Mine is low this morning.


Slice 'n' Splice

So there I am, on the crossroad again. Forced to make a decision. God, I hate that. Though, it is not nearly as dramatic.
The company is putting an effort to keep me employed. Perks, raises, promises. Does sound tempting. But 4 hours of traveling a day??? Still too much.
So I'll decide after vacation.


Dewd, the TV addict

So I'm watching Burn Notice rerun and the main guy says:

"Bureaucrats live for respect. East of the Balkans, that means a bribe. In the west, it's more about showing you know they're in charge."

And I'm like, really?

Then I transformed into a sphinx and went all mysterious.

The Riddle: Between Pyle And Goren There's An Edgar Suit.


Kung Fu Dewd

Do not seek the balance. You'll waste your life. Even when it appears, it's only for a brief moment of decision on what will tip the scale. Besides, why would you want to live suspended in the middle of things, not really enjoying in any. Use a seesaw instead. And put it on a roulette.
Do not seek connection, either. To what? Why would you tie yourself up to something? There is no reason for that. You cannot possibly know the whole picture of things and once something you don't really care about pops out, you'll be chained. You cannot be free that way. And more often than not, it will suck. Use the wind, instead. or the river. Or both. Also, blindfold might help.
Do realize two things (for starters):

1) Enjoy beauty. It's all around you. Nature, from the spec of a tiny particle to the wanderers in the sky. Ticking like a perfect mechanism. Human achievements. We're really trying to upstage the nature. Granted, we're flawed, our works prone to deterioration, but still, it's a solid effort. And of course, marvel at the humanity itself. We are oh so beautifully fucked up.
It's art. It's beauty. Genius.
2) Accept utter meaningless of the existence. There's no point. There's no eternity. Don't be afraid. It is not a waste, simply because there is nothing that would be a gain. You cannot imagine relief once you let go of delusions of some higher meaning to this brief conscious appearance. You will conquer your existential fear. You will not be afraid to stand alone. You will truly be alive. 
Peace, freedom and happiness will follow.
Oh yes, and don't eat my sandwich!


I like where I'm living

Funny thing, last night on my way home I passed by the pier in Queens (photo below). This morning (ah well, it is to me) I'm watching a rerun of some show on TV and boom, the FBI is investigating a dead body on that same pier. Does it mean that I'm a suspect?


Ne pamtim kad sam zadnji put pogledao koje rijeci googletom vode do bloga moga

www.google.ba           gay     

www.google.hr           odjeci prošlog vremena #2     

www.google.com        pitanja na interviewu ya posao           

www.google.hr           očalinko moj meštar   

www.google.hr           radio lounge #7          

www.google.com        reumaaa #4     

www.google.com        Mile Stojic Cafe Nostalgija #5           

A woman's health decisions are a private matter between her priest and her husband



Prazni su i ocekuju ispunjenje izvana...


I'm a poet, you don't know it

Achtung: Maternji jezik

Klapa monotono vagon podzemne zeljeznice, uspavljujuce bruji klima uredjaj, nitko ne prica, ritam salse bjezi iz slusalica nekog ipoda negdje iza mene... Ja kao citam kao zanimljiv clanak o Murdochu i NY Postu, pola toga ni ne procitam, drugu polovicu odmah zaboravim...
Snijezi. Sijecanjski zrak skoro pucketa dok udisem. Cistoca i bjelina. Milina. Blagdanski ugodjaj, jos uvijek primjetan, pjesme, boje i ukrasi...
Otvaram oci. Vlak klapa. Rezi klima uredjaj. Jesam li to zaspao? Koliko dugo? Da nisam promasio stanicu? I otkud bozicna pjesma usred ljeta?

Pjeva ciko u kapici deda mraza, uz pratnju gitare, redom: white christmas, christmas song, merry little christmas, love and marriage...
Love and Marriage?

Christmas in L Train, August 2nd
Christmas in L Train, August 2nd


Pushin' it

Even though I feel like I have nothing to say, I want to persist in this attempted comeback, so I'm like, OK, let's try that "dear diary" thing. But first, let's count how many Is I have mentioned in the opening sentence. OK? I believe you.
1) Queens got hit yesterday with the baseball-sized hail. Saw nothing. Heard thundering, though.
2) The company I work for is moving to the galaxy far far away. I told them I'm not. So, I guess, that's it. Is again. Weird?
3) I think I'm using way too much cayenne pepper.
Personal memo: If you fall in love with her, you're an idiot. Come to your senses! You don't want that, believe you me! You're way better off the way you are. Don't you ruin it.
Some yous for a change. 


Shows are gonna get me

Flat out paranoia!
It is official now, this summer has decent chances to be the hottest in I-don't-know-how-many years. Thus, I'm not moving much. I'm literally camping in my living room, under AC. There's a bucket with ice to keep bottles of various beverages cool, there's a laptop, of course, and big ass TV. Now, those are serious junkie preconditions. And I'm so liable.
Now, I used not to watch TV. I haven't seen a single Sopranos episode, only one of Lost (while at friend's). No Six feet under, Mad Men (gasp!), Weeds, or I don't know, Californication. The only TV thing I used to watch reverently, was Daily Show with Jon Stewart + Colbert Report, but that was streaming, in my own time.
It started last summer when I got hooked on True Blood. Back then, It was the only show I actually watched on Television. I caught up on the third season and boy was I faithful. HBO has that "on demand" thing, so if you miss out one episode, you could still watch it tomorrow. But, I wanted to see them on time.
Now, there's still True Blood. And Law & Order. And Law & Order SVU and Law & Order Criminal Intent, And Falling Skies (bo-oh-ring!) and Burn Notice (Really?). It's like, I would flip thru 200 and something channels and catch reruns, get hooked, follow up, even google them. I have even watched 5 minutes of Jersey Shore, for crying out loud!
Hi, I'm Dewd and I'm TV addict.     


Root Up! (Achtung, English!)

I'm forgetting my language. Grammar in particular. Six years ago I have started to write on blogger.ba (first couple of posts, ironically, written in English, were copy/pasted from blogspot.com) and the blog soon became, among other things, a way to exercise and preserve my lingual abilities while living in Germany. Back then I really wanted to. Now, I'm not upset at all. I notice some mistakes in my recent writings, and at first I'm like: whoa! where did that come from? And then, I would be: well what do you expect. You're not reading, you're not thinking, you're not even dreaming in your own language. It's a muscle, a living thing. You have to practice to be in shape. Then, I'd be like: ah well... do I even care? I mean, I know who I am, and the language isn't a significant part of my identity. Just like "point" of origin. So, chill.
I still have (even if wee bit of a) need to put something written on this neglected blog. My reminder, my captain's log, my reflection. I love this web thing.


Du dam dam dam de du dam dam

Well my friends are gone and my hair is grey
I ache in the places where I used to play
And I'm crazy for love but Im not coming on
I'm just paying my rent every day
Oh in the tower of song

I said to Hank Williams: how lonely does it get?
Hank Williams hasn't answered yet
But I hear him coughing all night long
A hundred floors above me
In the tower of song

I was born like this, I had no choice
I was born with the gift of a golden voice
And twenty-seven angels from the great beyond
They tied me to this table right here
In the tower of song

So you can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll
I'm very sorry, baby, doesn't look like me at all
I'm standing by the window where the light is strong
Ah they don't let a woman kill you
Not in the tower of song

Now you can say that Ive grown bitter but of this you may be sure
The rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor
And there's a mighty judgement coming, but I may be wrong
You see, you hear these funny voices
In the tower of song

I see you standing on the other side
I don't know how the river got so wide
I loved you baby, way back when
And all the bridges are burning that we might have crossed
But I feel so close to everything that we lost
Well never have to lose it again

Now I bid you farewell, I don't know when Ill be back
There moving us tomorrow to that tower down the track
But you'll be hearing from me baby, long after I'm gone
Ill be speaking to you sweetly
From a window in the tower of song
Yeah my friends are gone and my hair is grey
I ache in the places where I used to play
And I'm crazy for love but I'm not coming on
I'm just paying my rent every day
Oh in the tower of song


Vodi Me Na Jadransko More

U Basku Vodu da ljubim te ja...
Da se evo osvrnem na halabuku o kategorizaciji turista u Dalmaciji. Nije da me nesto ekstra tangira situacija ali eto, cetvrtak je, jutro, kava, bagel i prokrastinacija. Dakle, rodih se i odrastoh na jedva 40 minuta voznje do Makarske. Medjutim, za vrijeme obiteljskih ljetovanja, roditelji su preferirali Trogir i okolicu. Naravno, dok si dijete, nemas bas pravo glasa u odredjivanju destinacine. Nisam se bunio, i sad imam lijepa sjecanja na ta ljetovanja. Medjutim, buduci da je Bosna Livno imala stalnu autobusku liniju za Makarsku rivijeru, cim sam se zamomcio, krenula su samostalna istrazivanja granica. Brela, Baska Voda, Basko Polje, Tucepi, Podgora... Pamtim nocna kupanja, stopiranja, spavanja na plazama i sve sta uz to ide.
Ne mogu da volim carsiju kao sto je Makarska...
Naravno, i moje sjecanje je podijeljeno na prije i poslije rata. Vec sam sam sebe smorio. O cemu ja pisem... Pf! A ne znam ni sta htjedoh reci. Obisao sam Hrvatsko Primorje od Cavtata do Vrsara. Vidio sam i dozivio svega. Cim bih progovorio, znalo bi se odakle sam. Uglavnom imam pozitivna iskustva. Mogao bih se sjetiti par neljubaznih konobara, parking mastera, mozda i kojeg policajca ali nedovoljno da se i jednog ljetovanja sjecam po zlu. Poanta svega ovoga je da to sto par supaka, kojima je data mogucnost da se glasnije izraze, misli ovo i ono, nije slika stvarnosti. Vjerujem da bi se hrvatsko pravosudje trebalo pozabaviti govorom mrznje, i u najmanju ruku ukidanjem financiranja medija preko kojih se taj govor siri ali nije da se bas oko toga sekiram.
U Zaostrogu kampu...
Naravno da su neki uvrijedjeni, ogorceni. Cuju se pozivi na bojkotiranje, na alternativna rjesenja... To mi je malo previse. Razumljivo uglavnom, ali od nekih se nisam nadao. Ali sta ces, mi smo skloni uniformnosti, pogotovo kad gledamo druge. Ako je jedan fasist, svi su oni fasisti.
PS: Under the Boardwalk...
Oni koji su citali Alana Forda, mozda se sjecaju Coney Islanda i table s natpisom: <Plaza za Bogate, Plaza za Siromasne> Ovo bas i nema veze s gore napisanim, ali kapitalizam...


sound bites

bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me
bite me





So the world ends? Like in "The End"? And, like, there's no after? I mean, you know, there gotta be something after the end?

Inercija od graha i kupusa...


Memory Lane



Beef! (Achtung! English)

When I was 17 it was a very good year...

Two points of view have been laid out, broken down, reiterated, actually... Both equally valid and both equally obsolete.

When I was 21
it was a very good year...

The first one - ladies first, of course - well... I see the point. I know what She's talking about. I've seen it. Hell, I've done it myself. War stories are boring, exaggerated, and, often corresponding to the amount of consummated alcohol, vulgar. I endured my fair share. Used to think that for the sake of the moment I was able to drop couple of levels, to participate in primal rites. However, as far as I can remember, I don't recall any females in the company in these occasions. I just don't think it's right to do so in front of them. There were, in somewhat more intimate circumstances, sassier conversations, mostly underlined with eroticism, self-critique and humor, and i think that's totally different. So, to sum up, I'm proud not to have friends who'd tell tales just to boast ego, deal with the mid-life crisis or to show off. I'd say we have a problem if you don't have a choice but to endure it every day. That would be fucked up! But, if it is what it is, then bitching about it is obsolete.

When I was 35
it was a very good year...

The second one is obviously reactive and very defensive in it's aggresiveness. It's like "this-a-time-ti's-a-personal" for Him. And Ich don't think so. Comes out too eager to be genuine. Thus obsolete. And that's all I have to say about this. Let me be clear and repeat it: I have no love for such talk. I just don't. I also think this "rebuttal" is kinda fake. Just an exercise. And I don't think I'm wrong.

I could tell you a lot but it's not in a gentleman's code...
Please understand. It's a very hot and humid Thursday, almost noon, the week after Fourth of July, purple haze is visible and my blood sugar level is low. I'm in my office, bored, with no incentive to work, not even looking at the pile of shit that needs to be done. They set the AC on 65F and I already had 2 big cups of coffee. Didn't help at all.
Then I remembered blogger.ba...


Serious man

I'm taking my drinking seriously. Seriously.


I feel so gay today

(may contain some English)
Nakon godinu ipo, druga sansa: NY state zakonodavci ce glasati za pravo homoseksualnih osoba na brak. Sta sam tada o tome pisao:
http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2009/12/07/2372903 (updated link above)
Evo jos malo tekstova s ovog bloga, kojih se sjetih povodom Splitske i Zagrebacke Gay Pride parade. 



I za kraj, true gay :


Current FB Status: It's 8:10am and I'm already bored. Well, not really. Just wanted to say something.

Chatirasmo tako malocas, mi generacija, pa se sjetismo nekih starih reklama. Primjer:

Pasta je prava
Mirno se spava
Zdravi su zubi
Najljepse se ljubi

Alkaloid Skopje

Vani je vec preko 30C.


Achtung, Profanity!

Ode to a Four-Letter Word

And I don’t mean "okay."

In addition to this mixed family background, I also enjoy a mixed geography of profanity. Like Mansbach, I live in New York, which surely deserves the prize for most foulmouthed city in the nation. (You Chicagoans can go fuck yourselves.)

Go the F@k to Sleep!

Hell No! (Achtung, English)

Umberto Eco: "I can read the Bible, Homer or Dylan Dog for days on end without ever feeling bored."


So, didn't know there's a Dylan Dog movie. No, I did not watch it (yet) and yes, I already have some grievances:


1) PG-13? Really? Well, considering that I literally ate up those gory comics as a child, and still have managed not to turn out as a mass murderer, I'm thinking, O-Kaaay... But, still I think if it's not rated R (in US) it's not done right.


2) New Orleans? Really? London is not dark enough? Where's the Scotland Yard? Inspector Bloch?


and 3) No Groucho? And his jokes? Hell no!




Povodom Dana Mladosti

Aforizmicni Dewd:

Mitologije su me zamalo dokusurile.

A onda sam naucio smijat im se!


Legal advice from the land of the litigious

Iskreno mi je zao meni dragih ljudi koji su se gorko razocarali nakon ostavke ministra obr...
Sta da kazem, sav moj sarkazam mi je sada gorak, zalim sto bijah u pravu.
Rekao bih vam: Ujedinite se u podizanju tuzbe protiv diskriminacije, idite do Strassburga, ali znam, nista ni od toga.

On a lighter note: http://cdn-www.cracked.com/articleimages/ob/relationshipadvice_header_finalwm.jpg


Iz daljine

Gledao ja tako jucer sta se sve proslih 6 godina pisalo na ovom mjestu; svega je bilo. Pocelo se sa naivnim romanticarenjem u vidu superjunaka u borbi protiv korporativnog kapitalizma, onog globalnog, pa se onda uplelo u BH realnost, uz povremene zapise tipa "dragi dnevnice", pa se emigriralo, pa se odusevljavalo, pa se, stajaznam, ohanulo.
Ah da, fine se raje upoznalo.

Eto, opet htjedoh nesto o vjeronauku, al' se ni ovaj put ne dade.


Narcissist Dewd's Tweet

See, I think the opposite of love is trying. It means you don't. "Whatever" could be merely the absence of acknowledgement or realization. But if you try, you're upset because of lack of it.


Bitola, Maribor...

Osoba ima pravo na vlastitu sliku stvarnosti i nemam namjeru nikome dokazivati nepostojanje boga, tita, kralja, semira...
Rodjen sam tu gdje jesam, zivio sam tu dok sam morao, ne mislim isto sto sam mislio prije 2 godine, a kamoli prije 20.
Kaze Mesha:

Ja ne biram ono što imam. Ne biram, ustvari, ništa, ni rođenje, ni porodicu, ni ime, ni grad, ni kraj, ni narod, sve mi je nametnuto. Još je čudnije što to moranje pretvaram u ljubav. Jer, nešto mora biti moje, zato što je sve tuđe, i prisvajam ulicu, grad, kraj, nebo koje gledam nad sobom od djetinjstva. Zbog straha od praznine, od svijeta bez mene. Ja ga otimam, ja mu se namećem, a mojoj ulici je svejedno, i nebu nada mnom je svejedno, ali neću da znam za to svejedno, dajem im svoje osjećanje, udahnjujem im svoju ljubav, da mi je vrate...
Mislim, jednom kad se osoba rijesi egzistencijalnog straha i kad prihvati neminovnost, ostale nuspojave jednostavno postanu trivijalnosti.

Live from New York, it's Wednesday am!


All we are saying is:

We paid our dues, where's our change!?


Postcard from Times Sq.



Pihtija iz Dewdelfa progo vara! Dvaaaaa...


(Razgodci na osobnu odgovornost)


Word of the day:


I'm full of it. Or full of $#it.
Happy April's "I'm a fool" day!


Dewde, 'djes'? U Kurcu!

Ne treba crtat', jelde? 


4th year



The Wisdom of Mike Tyson

“Isn’t it crazy I go from being this horrible guy, this rapist, this psycho-man walking the streets … and now when I see these young kids on the street, they give me hugs … Ain’t that some shit?”

“I’d like to be a lion, but I think I’m a wolverine, They’re like big giant rats. They’re about 50 pounds and fearless. They fight to the death. They don’t move fast. They walk slow because they’re not afraid of nothing. That’s how I think. And they can be a little reckless.But I’d like to be a lion and have lion status: to make other people do my work and get the credit for it.”

“You realize when you get older that life is not about acquiring shit, it’s about losing shit. You lose your hair, your teeth, your loved ones.”

“I live a rich life. People see me in a private plane—it’s probably my friend’s plane. I mean, I don’t have no fucking money. Money brings a false sense of security. Sometimes you have so much money you believe you can’t even die.”

“I think we are born contradictions. The older we get, our thoughts change, until we reach a paradigm shift, and we realize that everything we’ve been learning is a lie, and we have to start all fucking over.”



My Big Book of Grievances - New Entry

Kaze pjesma:

I live uptown,
I live downtown,
I live all around.

Ne znam, dakle, koji su mi drazi:

Kandidat A, predstavite se:

Ja zivim gdje sam rodjen i mrzim stereotipe i predrasude o meni i mojima. Amerika je ultrakapitalisticko drustvo s glupim ljudima i jos glupljim generacijama koje nadolaze, Nemaju vremena ni disat'.
Kandidat B?

Ja zivim u Americi, evo vec 15 godina i nista mi se ovdje ne svidja. Glupi su i zatucani, nema slobode ovdje. Mrzim crnce i latinose. Nema do mog rodnog kraja. Svakog ljeta idem tamo.
Kandidat C, kako vi gledate na situaciju:

Ja sam svjetski covjek, mislim, nemam predrasuda nit mrzim koga. Zaleti mi se kadgod koja mizoginisticka, ali sala je to, mislim, ja mrzim predrasude, ono, pogotovo razne fobije koje gaje oni iz ruralnih podrucja.

Rijec voditelja:



Happy 100!


Dišpet i nogomet (kad je značio više)

Auštrija, 1911.

 Ti dan, dok je u gradu flota boravila, dotur Vice i inženjer Duje jemali su posla priko glave. Duje je ugovara s Ingležima utakmice za prvu i drugu momčad, skupja je igrače, uređiva igralište, a pošćer mu još donija priporučeno pismo iz Beča, u kojemu stoji da primaju "Ajduka" u austrijski nogometni savez, ali pod uvjeton da se "Ajduk" odreče igranja sa češkin klubovima. Urtalo ga je i smista je smislija odgovor koji će jin brzojavno poslat.

 "Fala lipa, ali mi ćemo igrat s kime nas je voja!"

 Ipak se tija konzultirat sa mudrin profešuron Bepon, koji ga je svitova da šporko bečko pismo pošaje u Prag, i vidit će da će za dišpet Šparta oli Slavija doć na gostovanje u Split.


Italija, 1941.

 Njima je do tega da "Ajduk" igra u talijansku ligu. Sve nan nudidu. igrat ćemo u Campionato nazionale di serie A. Zvat ćemo se "AC Spalato", a u zagrade nan ostavjadu ime "Ajduk". Igračima će ponudit velike pineze, najboja zaposlenja, sagradit će nan novi moderni stadion...
 - Veliki je ovo grad, dico moja, najveći grad na svitu! Ko more, di se more održat taka šeduta! Ka da smo se nagovorili, svi smo došli blagdanski obučeni. I ti naši igrači, koji su to lipi, pošteni mladići! S jedne strane nudidu jin mista, položaje, pineze, s druge pritidu prežunima, logorima, a oni svi ka jedan, odbijedu pineze i glasadu za patnju. Došle su mi suze na oči i reka san: "Nikad nikor ovi grad pokorit ne more!" I eto, dico moja, od danas je "Ajduk" raspušten.


NDH, 1944.

 -"Obnova sportskoga života u Splitu. Skorih dana obnovit će se "Hajduk", naš stari hrvatski klub slavnih tradicija..." - štije Očalinko i poslin svakoga pasusa čini pauzu i gleda Meštra. Brzo čita kako je inženjer Duje, "pročelnik nogometa, izjavio našemu suradniku da su mnogi igrači dolaskom Talijana prestali se baviti sportom i rasturili se na sve strane. Već su im upućeni pozivi i, čim se sastanu, započet će s treningom"...
 -Tebi, tebi nikad neću oprostit! Zaklat ću te, svi si nas osramotija!
 - Još ćemo ga više prodičit, Meštre! - uvati ga Duje za ruku da ga uvede u sobu.
 Meštar s gađenjem odbije.
 - Znaš li ča govoriš? Jesi li lud?
 - Uvik san bija i nisan se prominija! - nasmije se Duje.
 Uveja ga je u tinel i zanosno mu priča kako ćedu obnoviti "Hajduka", ali ne u Split nego na slobodnu teritoriju, na Vis, ka prvu nogometnu momčad porobjene Evrope. Igrači koji su u brigade, već se skupjadu na Visu.
 Meštar je sluša i cva.


JNA 1945.

 Meštar je brija Pegulu, a sluša Duju i, s britvon u ruci, svaki čas mu je upada u rič.
 - Reka san ti već, bože moj, bila je cila kompletna uprava. I došli su ti visoki oficiri koji su nan otvoreno ponudili da ostanemo i daje momčad Jugoslavenske armije.
 - Da budemo vojna momčad?! - čudi se Meštar.
 Duje potvrdi.
 - Zauvik? - pita brico.
 - Bome, stalno, da igramo i u prvenstvo ka armijski tim!
 - Onda ne ka momčad grada!? - ne more se načudit brico.
 - To smo i mi rekli - odvrati Duje. - Jednoglasno smo zaključili i rekli jin: "Tahvaljujemo na najvećoj počasti, ali 'Ajduk' je klub grada Splita i Dalmacije, vezan za ovo naše tle, za fortunale i bonace njegove. A kad god bude tribalo, neka Armija zove, evo nas!" - patetično je Duje završija svoj referat.
 - Evala, Duje, ka da ste mene pitali! A da se nisu najidili?! - zabrinija se brico.
 - Ma kakvi! Bilo jin je drago. Zafalili su nan i rekli da su očekivali taki odgovor od "Ajduka". 


Bosnia? Wow! So... what's it like over there now?

Zapitan, rekoh: da imas time travel aparat i da nasumicno upadas u bilo koje vrijeme u zadnjih 15ak godina, pa da iz novina pokusas odrediti godinu, uzalud; sve bi ti bilo isto. Osim, mozda, imena.


The Year of the Rabbit


Stephen Colbert to Bernard Henri-Levy: First, I want to congratulate you on looking exactly like a french philosopher.


Otimanje djece od roditelja


I hate smart phones I love smart phones I hate smart phones I love smart phones I hate smart phones I love smart pho

nes I hate smart phones
Or Fry Daily Rant
Who, me? You talking to loud? Lewdy, lewdy! That's a thing of the past. Blast! Blast? Might as well say zounds! Wounds! Winds! Windindingabling. Kling. Cling to the thread, you spiderman! Don't look down! Wow, what a gown! Run! It's the clown! Where's your crown?


No use, use, use, use, use.... use..... ..... use..... ..... ..... uuu, what a little moonlight can do!


In the morning by water cooler: Pork

Office kitchen

Me: Mmmm... Sheilla, I guess you're no fan of ham.
She: No, I don't eat pork meat.
Me: Well, your loss.
She: Actually no, I don't gain anything.
Me: Well played, miss!
She: Thank you. 


The Longest Fade Out Ever

Achtung: May contain some English. 

Ima tome evo vec dvije godine, tematizirao sam najduzi fade out ikad snimljen. Naravno, amaterski, bez nekog ozbiljnog istrazivanja. Moram ipak priznati, medjutim, da nisam bas slucajno odabrao. Predlozio sam kao dva kandidata, 'So Far Away' od Dire Straits i onu od T-Rexa (na na na na na na and so on for like 2 minutes):


Jucer je, medjutim, primjetih na statu, cudnovati googlash neki fakat trazio "the longest fade out". Google mu je ponudio tek dva relevantna rezultata. Pored, dakle, mojih razmisljanja na tu temu, tu je i Wikipedia clanak o pjesmi 'Hey Jude'. Poseban dio clanka se bavi cetverominutnim fade outom. Navodno je Beatlesima bio cilj pomenutu tehniku zavrsavanja snimljene pjesme uciniti apsurdnom. OK, I can live with that. Or can I?

Naravno da se 'na na na na na hey Jude' moze svrstati u fade outs. Moze onda i Bolero od Ravela. Mee - ke - ke!


Da ne zaboravim do ujutro

khm... khm...
Doma chine ove kuche eto vuka ispred kuche
dajte vuji zrna zhita jer je vujo ostario
i planinu ostavioooooooooooooooooooooj! 


Random keywords: Sex! Finally!

pink floyd protiv vjere sporne karikature
Neruda's "What is it that upsets volcanoes"
djeda mraze djeda mraze sjeti se i nas sarabon
dewd sex
Carol of the Drum
Nikola Ivkovic new york times december 19
pink floyd protiv vjere
maslowljeva piramida
Peter Norman
abdul zahir batin


What's life

Me: Mmmmmmm... this is good!

Aaron, 4: What's good?

Me: You know... life.

Aaron: What's life?

Me: Life is when you live... and you like it.




Dewd čestita

Želim vam:

1. Zdravlja! (a ako šta, nedajblože, bude, mogućnosti pristupa stručnom i humanom liječenju, bez učešća u plaćanju!)

2. Radosti! (I udobnosti u koju biste mogli smjestiti tu radost. Da vam nije baš tijesno!)

3. Ljubavi! (Uzajamne, kako biste gore pomenutu radost mogli dijeliti!)

4. Mira! (Unutarnjeg i vanjskog!)

Dodajte sami individualne želje. Želim vam ispunjenje, samoostvarenje i zadovoljstvo u tome! Podijelite!

Na SLOBODU imate pravo!


Dewd Abides!


A, ne!

Achtung, Commas
Nece se Dewd, ovako javno, na, doduse, ne bas azuriranom blogu, pitati otkad to SDA vrijedi za pozitivnu, programski orjentiranu, te progresivnu stranku.
Sta je, imate dva veca negativca i odmah ste pozitivci. Svi ste vi meni isti. Imate mahanje.


Snowpocalypse, Snowmaggeddon, Snow the F@#k up! - Postcards from NYC


Jedu govna i sanjare

Neka, sam sam sebi kriv. Neka, lekcija naucena. Brisu se bookmarks i shortcuts. Nece se Dewd vise zorom zivcirat' i Elektronske Novine citat'. Za to mi sad sluzi NY Post. Barem se nasmijem.

Malo praznjenja: x puta sam rekao da mi nema nista gore od navodno gradjanski orjentiranog, obrazovanog, intelektualnog pametnjakovica koji je u srzi fasist u iskonskom znacenju (superioran, visi, arijski) a slijep je da to sam skonta. Kakvi nacionalisti, kakvi papci i seljaci, ma bjaaazi.

Velickovic, k'o iz slikovnice primjer. 


Pishonya & Zhooga in the hell of da gay x-mas

December 17, 2010, 11:25 am

Tree Man | A Special Delivery

12/8/10 New York NY, Photos of a twelve foot tree being delivered to a long time customer in Harlem. Photos for ongoing series about a Christmas tree vendor.Photographs by Fred R. Conrad/The New York TimesThe most expensive tree of the season heading to its new home in Harlem.

This is the third in an occasional series about Nikola Ivkovic, a Christmas tree seller on Broadway.

The second week of December came, and Nikola Ivkovic got his annual phone call from his best customer.

“You have a tree for me?” the best customer asked.

Mr. Ivkovic did: a wide, 11-foot-tall Fraser fir — for $450. The best customer let out the laugh of someone who knew he was paying too much but did not care, and Mr. Ivkovic got the tree ready for delivery...


Tree Man | A Special Delivery


Some Keywords. Didn't check them in a while. What's the point anyway?

gle snijezi
bitola maribor
skica stepenica
Gle snijezi! in english
are all these your guitars
biometricka identifikacija
essen macht frei
predvidjanje vremena za naredni period
with great power comes great responsibility
brancusi constantin-bird
dišpet ajduk
dewd superjunak
ahh the bat macabre
shakespeare 66. sonet
"zabiti prijatelju nož u leđa"
the dewd
shakespearov 66 sonet
rat i mir dvoboj
bambi prica
shakespeare sonet 66
sta znaci schirm na njemackom jeziku
shakespeare sonet LXVI
" if then petlja"
Ahh, the bat. Ambassador of darkness, flitting out of his cave like a winged messenger, sightless sp
U plamenu pravednog oslobodilačkog rata iskiva se bratstvo Srba, Muslimana i Hrvata, i time se udara
zanimljivosti o indijskom slonu
na uranku 0



'Tis a time to sum it up. (Achtung: may content some English)

Kako se blizi kraj jednog kalendarskog perioda, tako se javlja pavlovljevski nagon da se zbraja, oduzima, dijeli... Nije bas da nesto pretjerano obracam paznju na vazecu podjelu mjerenja vremena, ali slagao bih kad bih rekao da nisam podlozan refleksu.

Citam jucer zapise od prije dvije godine, i cini mi se da sam relativno isti, ali ipak drukciji, promijenjen. Nista dramaticno, tada sam jos bio pod utiscima nove sredine, podlozan oscilacijama, patetican u izrazu (kao da ovo danasnje pisanje nije).

Svejedno, ne mogu da ne primjetim koliku je vaznost blog igrao u mom zivotu. Pogotovo tada. Sta se promijenilo, ne znam, ali definitivno mi vise nije bitno. Maaalcice mi jest zao, onaj neki nejasan, neodredjen nedostatak ali... Ne znam, krenem pisati recimo o necemu sto me je zaintrigiralo, stanem upola, spasim post za kasnije, nakon par mjeseci ih se nakupi pa ih izbrisem, jer vise se ni ne sjecam sta je bilo. Valjda cu ovo pisanje dovrsiti, mislim, potrudio sam se da skupim linkove...

Uglavnom, evo kako je to izgledalo prije dvije godine:

I need my diary back: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/02/1936471
Grieving, it's a process: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/03/1937695
Iz Teksta Alone Together: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/04/1939251
Parafraziram na osnovu sjecanja: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/06/1942728  
Vox Populi: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/09/1908216
Ebenezer Dewd: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/15/1957212
Pathetic Dewd: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/16/1958686
Rezultati ankete: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/17/1959727
Don't let the system get you down: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/18/1960936
U Grckoj nemiri, u Bosni poplave: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/19/1962182 (neke stvari se ne mijenjaju?)
Carol of the drum: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/23/1968651  
Clash of civilizations: http://dewd.blogger.ba/arhiva/2008/12/28/1975971





I'd say, the things are just trying to balance out by themselves. Secrets yearn to come out in the open. It used to be journalist's job, though. Since there's no more Woodwards and Bernsteins, leaks are bound to appear. It's not a bad thing. It's overwhelming and not selective, you have to browse through, it's raw data, there's no comment, historical references, footnotes or such but... there's no way for such stories to be blown out wide open in the New York Times or the Washington Post nowadays. Corporate journalism has different goals to pursue. Mostly in advertising.  

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