Ode to New York City in one breath: I was asked and this was my answer

You know when you live and you like it... and when you're down, you look up to see what colors the Empire State Building is displaying and you're not so down... you're a mouse, an ant in an ant hill, and now and then you get to be the king of the hill... you get to meet someone on a train or at the food cart, who's your friend at that very moment, never to be seen again... you think your life is a huge waiting line and that you're waiting for so long and you have no idea anymore for what and then forgetaboutit, you step out and plunge into the desert after rain... so many smells, so many sounds, so much life and you know that you have your own nook where everything stops and gets far, though just a step away... you often think that you've been grinding and gritting and rubbing so hard that it looks like you're about to get too worn out for anything only to be awaken with a bitch of a hangover but full and whole.. it's like you belong here and yet nobody sees you and there is no growing up ever and you're so grownup because you made it and you're still making it and you know you begun out of scratch and you really think you could make it anywhere but that anywhere is not worth it because this is THE fucking center of the universe and you are it and even when you're a rat with giants stomping around you and shaking the ground you have your eyes at level with theirs because you pay with your own blood...
I love it even when I hate it.