T’ was 5 years ago...

The way I was… I remember some, the rest I can construct out of the scribbling I left here years ago. First, no matter how young I feel / look, I’m old. I know that because I want to be comfortable, both in body and mind. No risks, no ventures, no loudness, just living. It works, methinks, mostly because I like where I’m living. I couldn’t just live anywhere. I’ve been places and so far never lasted in one as long as now. Guess I settled. Second, I remember being riled up with all kinds of issues, being aware, engaged, proactive, progressive… And I thoroughly enjoyed it. Third, I was informed. Like a virtual sponge I collected information. My ex wife used to tell me that I’m addicted to it. Now I’m not even watching Jon Stewart (3 years ago I went to DC for his Rally to Restore Sanity and or Fear). The Dewd minded.


Well, let me stop my train of thoughts here. 5 years ago, on a Friday, cloudy and foggy, around 5:30pm eastern time I came to US. The next day I went to NYC for the first time. It took me a month to move in. And I’m still here. Let me greet y’all with a postcard I snapped this morning on my way to the office (from which I’m writing this -  a quiet day at work.) I called it ‘The Passenger”