The Dewd's Sunday Sandy Rant

Why would you buy a bakery sandwich from Dunkin' Donuts? Because there's no bakery in 20 blocks - Dunkin' pushed them all out? Well... horrors of the free xafs. What are you gonna do.
It's an uncertain end to a very bleak week. Personally, I was fine. Nothing spectacular but easy and not very demanding. All around me, though... The Summer of Violence spilled well into the fall. It's not really more dangerous but just hearing every morning about mindless shootings kinda gets you eventually. Stuff that shocks you and rattles you... like the killer nanny, like 12 year old girl killed by 2 kids for spare BMX parts... There was an unusual amount of the usual crazies too. From the cannibal cop to the subway sleeper groper (gross). And I. Don't. Even. Want. To. Think. About. The. Election. Or the republicans and rape. Seriously?
I don't know, after all this I feel drained. I need a shut myself out for a while.
The subway might shut down today
, though. We have yet another impending destruction on the way to play with The City. Not the Godzilla, not the alien invasion. Sandy's coming. They call it The Frankenstorm (pom pom pooom). It's like the perfect storm all over again. Same, some say even worse, scenario, same settings but the impact will be much closer to us. Memo to self: just in case get a gallon or two of water and some other stuff.
Perspective: there's a photo ex
hibit: WWII and NYC or something, with the photos of, well, you know. Of course there's a famous Times Sq. kisser on display too. A sailor guy grabbed a random woman and kissed her. Looks monumental. But there's a worm gnawing in the portion of my brain where this image and stuff related to it is stored ever since I read that article in Jesebel where this act was portrayed as a flat out sexual violence. Well, it is what it is. Or is it? (pom pom pooom). Seriously, though, I think there is something in there. The photo is kinda iconic so it may be hard to scrutinize and question it but try that today and you might be compelled to introduce yourself to your new neighborhood as a sex offender. So why should we celebrate it? But then again, that was then and... I just don't want to think about it anymore.
Well, s
omehow it's comforting that The Tigers get beaten by The SF Giants. They're 3:0 down already and the broom is threatening tonight. Go Kung Fu Panda! Neighborhood pride: Before they became SF Giants, they were NY Giants, playing right here, below Coogan's Bluff, on The Polo Grounds, just a few blocks away. But The Yankees... dude... burn...
I'm in the mood for some Stan Getz and Oscar Peterson now.
PS: I loved it when
the NY1 news anchor smirked just now when finishing a report about the "quidditch" game in Central Park.