Yankees fan

Or why did I scream my fucking throat out the other night?
It crept up on me. I was never a huge sports fan, well not in my adult life. I do enjoy occasional game on TV, maybe a Champions League match, or NBA. It's almost never intentional, I stumble upon it flicking thru the channels. I do somewhat more seriously (seriously?) follow The World Cup and EURO Championships. Much less of everything since I moved here. American football and Baseball I made fun
of. I teased my friends, like, you can follow only the short bursts of the game between long pauses, 45 minutes of continuous action would tire you out and also there are no ways to insert a bunch of commercials during the halves.
But I was curious. I had only the slightest clue what's it about in Football, and I won't even pretend that I knew a thing about Baseball. Of course, when you're purchasing manager in a company that does a lot of business, you get a lot of "we-appreciate-your-business" things, among which are occasional tickets to the ball game. In the beginning I regarded those merely as social events and good chances to observe something new. A couple of my friends really tried to get me into the game now and then, tried to explain what's going on and why they suddenly interrupted a fine, lengthy conversation by jumping off their seats and screaming. Later on, I kinda wanted to know more. So I started to read about it. Also, the elections 4 years ago and the stories about Nate Silver helped fan out this curiosity. What really got me into the game, tho, was Ken Burns' documentary about national pastime. Awesome! Watch it.

Long story short, I was really into it when The Giants won the Super Bowl earlier this year. Of course my allegiance is to the local teams, that's kinda given. Some would say it's easy to be a Giants fan, but only the suburbans from Long Island, New Jersey and snotty rich are their fans. Real New Yorkers grind with Jets. Well, boo fuckin' hoo. Jets suck miserably. Well, at least no one can argue with me being a Yankees fan. I mean, they're right here, across the Harlem river. Plus, The Mets suck too. 

Whoa! A fan? Well, I exhibit all the symptoms. I never miss the opportunity to watch them, no matter how shitty the weather, how lame the adversary. I watch them on the TV too. I follow the stories, check out the performances. It's early to say that I entirely comprehend all of the game, especially the statistics but I'm getting there too. Well...
It's ridiculous actually. I should hate it all. The perverse amounts of money in it, the shameless exploitation of basic feelings and whatnot, the juiced up players... meh. Let's go Yankees!
PS1: The game vs. Os on Wednesday (a snap below) was really intense. Best of 5, already 1:1 and the first game out of three in The Bronx....
PS2: They lost second, and won the third. Now they're playing Detroit but they lost yesterday in 12th inning after a miraculous gut wrenching comeback in 9th. And to add up to the misery, Derek Jeter broke an ankle. There's a second game vs. Detroit as I'm writing this, and it's scoreless at the top of the 7th.

PS3: Well, they lost. This round is played best of 7 so the next three will be in Detroit and if needed (pfffft) the additional 2 games are back here.
PS4: Well, at least The Giants won. They trashed The Niners. Literally.