You Period Didn't Period Build Period That Period

This is a rant. But first, lemme tell ya a story about a city.
The city of old, magnificent, powerful, literally carved in stone. She thrived on trade and her fame was known in the farthest parts of the old world. She saw all the conquerors, countless armies and she saw them all break.
Until the fucking Romans.
Yup, they built another trading route and that was it. Now tourists come to admire dead Petra.
There's a thing or two about building infrastructure throughout the history of mankind. It correlates with the success of the empires, development of the regions, birth of the entire cities along the roads and bridges. It starts with a caravan, a ship or sometimes even just a donkey.
Some of the roads were famous. Hello, Silk Road? Some were infamous. Thieves, robbers, pirates... Kings and lords were protecting them and of course collecting taxes. Fast forward to James Watt and the beginning of the industrial revolution. Fwd... Fwd... Fwd...
Well, let's fast forward to this presidential campaign: You can be the best entrepreneur in the entire universe, you won't build your business in the middle of fucking nowhere. you won't build miles of roads and sprinkle them with some bridges and tunnels. And I'm talking here only about the transportation. Not the hospitals, not the schools. I mean, you could be a road entrepreneur. Build it from an A to a B and charge the people. Hmm... I got tired of bullshitting here. My point?
Fuck you Mitt Romney! Fuck you Paul Ryan! Fuck you too Ann Romney with your "He did build that!" And fuck you too Rand Paul and your anger, insult and sadness.
I kinda dread the dealings with government agencies. If I oversimplify it, I can paint them with two colors. Of course, they're people too, there's much more, but c'mon, this is just a rant: the top tier, ambition-driven technocrats, future politicians and board directors and the sea of counter top administration pawns who settled, nested and just exist with no ambition whatsoever. Dealing with latter can be tricky. Depending on their current mood, personality, shit lists... It just pains me sometimes to think that some of them get paid with my tax money. Of course there are lovely people there too. This is just a rant. But at the end of the day, I'm glad. Why? New paragraph please:
I'm dead certain that if there were no building codes, buildings would collapse on people, we would be dying of lead poisoning and other shit. I know that if there are no regulations, we would be meat for giant corporations. Even now we are because in too many areas they definitely overpower the government, the lobbyist-infested, corrupt, blackmailed, even terrified public servants. So hear ye "I built my own business" bullshitters: Fuck you!