Romneyhood? Oh, c'mon! That's Obamaloney!
4 years ago I was getting goosebumps regularly. Honest, courageous, energizing and overall positive, Obama's Hope & Change campaign was offsetting 8 years of Bush like a light of dawn after the longest night. Although Obama did wade into negative campaign against Hillary in the primaries, the national campaign was one of a kind. Even McCain tried to restrain racism and idiocy of the conservative base (birthers, Obama is an Arab, Kenyan, Alien Terorist...) We did have a good show though, in the Veep candidate Sarah Grizzly Mom / Hockey Mom Palin.
I'm not sure if this one is the ugliest of all times, I don't have big enough frame of reference, but sure it ain't pretty. Obama's ad: Mitt Romney killed that guy's wife! (well, a paid actor tells a story when Romney cut him off work, he lost healthcare and his wife couldn't get a checkup so when she got really ill they went to the hospital and of course it was too late.) I'd call that despicable if only I could wrap my mind around the fact that they really let it air. Totally different atmosphere, this campaign. Nobody even thinks of change and the only thing I hope for is that Obama won't lose in the end. Gods, no! I think that Romney would be like Mayan prophecy come true. Seriously, that guy is like from another planet. I can see how he can be good CEO but hello, a corporation doesn't have children to educate, no seniors to care for, no real human issues. And, of course, it's obvious that he desperately wants to be elected, no matter what. He tried so many times and failed, he's not really the first pick candidate for Republican elite, lacks a connection to the base (especially with the Tea party crazies) and he can only thank to the crazier-than-thou presidential candidates in theatrically ridiculous Republican primaries for his nomination.
So, who's he gonna pick as a running Veep?