Gay Brouhaha or all the wonderful ways in which this country is fucked up

I watch MSNBC's Morning Joe almost every day before I'm off to work. I like Mika a lot. I even like Joe, most of the time when they're together. They have this weird dynamic and more often than not it's fun. Willie is the best, though. But, man, can Joe piss me off. His smugness, his sense of superiority, his Is and Mes... Ah well... Let's not go there.
So, Obama publicly endorsed gay marriages 2 days ago. Funny thing happens yesterday: It's only Mika and guests for the first hour and it's all historic moments and human rights victories. This morning, it's Joe and the bunch and it's, well, overblown, nothing new, a smoke bomb, conservativeness of Obama and so on. Maybe it's the schedule, maybe it's not, that's not the issue. This actually highlights the fucked-upness mentioned in the title.

There are those who praise the historic moment of the first presidential endorsement of gay marriages, who worry about swing states and whatnot might hurt Obama in the elections. Well, there is something historic in the thing. It happened at one point in history.
It's not some kind of a dramatic win. It won't matter much. He owed it, however. Long overdue coming out. Hinted but never clear enough. Whoever votes against Obama, he will do so regardless of the gay marriage issue. Plenty of stuff around there. Whoever swings his vote, though, for that reason, really? And I mean really? What won't happen is that this coming out will become a spark that will ignite another round of hope and change fever. So, even the press rejoices in this quasi historic moment, it is really no biggie. But what cannot be overlooked is that Obama really is the first American president to say it.
There are those, on the other hand, who might say, yes he declared support, but he also said the issue should be left for each state to decide. Which really is a conservative point of view. There you have North Carolina amending it's constitution with "marriage is a man and a woman only thing". So there you go. Obama supports the states dealing with it. And that's where Joe Scarborough comes in with his claims. And that's where the titular fucked-upness comes in.

No, we don't want big government spending!
Don't touch those subsidies to the corn and oil industry!
Free xafs will take care of the issues itself!
That's why those subsidies are for!
It's outrageous that Obama messes with Supreme Court threatening them for questioning Healthcare law passed by the will of majority!
How does Supreme Court dare to mess with the will of majority by questioning State of California gay marriage ban? 

Whoa, what?

So the Supreme court is questioning a state's dealing with gay marriage? But Obama said... oh, I see... you can say shit, hell you can even pass shit. There's still Supreme Court to defend rights of minorities from democratic majority's oppression! Well, grain of salt, please! The same Supreme Court gave multinational corporations the personhood and protection of free speech (political campaign money!) even they mostly are not US citizens. WWTSCD?
I'd say the real problem in this country are likes of CHASE who admitted $2 Billion trading loss this morning. It happened because the real powers, Lobbies, took down Glass - Steagall Act some 20 years ago and now credit institutions can speculate thus gambling with your houses and student loans...
The President came out. Lots of feelings stirred. What won't happen though is that his coming out will become a spark that will ignite another round of hope and change fever. It was easy to have Bush as an effigy to burn. Now, despite giant vampire squid metaphors and OWS, there is no face of the enemy. The faceless "people".
Live, from New York, it's Dewewewewd!