TakE a Bow (or a knee)

Tebow-ing (verb) - To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different. (Urban dictionary).
A virgin. A devoted christian. A fluke quarterback. And a (short term) ticket price bump. But above all, a long lasting meme.
What the Jets did acquiring Tim Tebow yesterday (not long after they extended  40 Mil contract with their own Marc Sanchez) is perhaps a publicity stunt and nothing more. Why they did it, I don't really want to think about. What amuses me in this story is the social aspect of it.
A virgin is coming to the proverbial S&G*. And a righteous one. The new owners want to keep him in New Jersey, far away from the temptations of the big city nightlife, to preserve his innocence as long as they can. But the clergymen, they have more faith in the man, they have courage and they are ready to seize this gift. They're rejoicing in this new ray of mercy, planing big offensive on the team Night, visualizing full churches and empty nightclubs.

Will young Skywalker succumb to the dark side of the soul crushing cynicism and treacherous pleasures of the flesh or will he overcome and bring a new light of salvation to the damned?
Sounds like fun, anyway you turn it.

Man, can I talk shit!
* as in Sodom and Gomorrah