Dear Diary...

In about a month, it will be 4 years since I'm here. I'm penning this entry today because it's safe to say that I won't remember it on that particular day. Also, I have no energy to do the actual work. This way it looks like I'm busy.
So, what's to say about these last 4 years? Well, gradually I changed, of course. I got healed too. Not entirely, of course, but significantly. I also stopped caring about shi... stuff too much. What I realized, though, is that even after 4 years, I still like it here and in no way, shape or form has a thought occurred to me of leaving.
I don't remember me being longer in one place since I left the proverbial nest back in 1994. That's something. I also accepted the beautiful insignificance of my existence, but that's another story.
Dear Diary, yesterday I had really great falafel for lunch. Mental note: Chambers and Broadway. Long line during the lunch hour.
The Dewd abides.